About One College Graduate Overcame a Six-Figure Student Loan Debt

After leaving college a few years ago, Stephanie Bousley found herself in the same predicament shared by over 40 million Americans; that of student loan debt. In fact, the holder of an MFA in film production owed nearly $200,000, a figure which soon ballooned to $289,000 after three unpaid internships.
Now, that’s no small amount of money to be set back with so early in life. Considering that the average salary in the U.S. stood at just over $48,000 in 2015, according to the Social Security Administration website, it is easy to understand why a six-figure student loan debt of that magnitude would be cause for concern.
But Bousley proved to be one not to panic. Instead, she buckled down and went about finding solutions to her debt woes. After all, she did get a first-class education for all her troubles, not only picking up several awards for her work in film production, but also holding bachelor’s degrees in international business and psychology.
It was then that she decided to use her education as leverage to get a well-paying job, which would make it easier to pay off her student loan debt and start building her future. Needless to say, that decision, while not being easy to fulfill, has worked out for her best interest. Today, Stephanie Bousley works in Singapore for one of the country’s largest hedge funds and has paid off most of her college debt. In addition, she is able to live pretty well with a high level of freedom, and travels frequently, while managing to spend time on her first love – script writing.
Wondering if this could be your story as well? The good thing is Bousley has decided to use her experience to help others who have been in similar situations. If you are currently facing high student loan debt, you are at the right place. This is your chance to get coaching on managing your debt, as well as valuable financial advice. Plus, find out how you can land high-paying jobs abroad.
Dealing with student loan debt can be pretty frustrating but, as you will find out, it doesn’t have to haunt you forever.