Why It Is Now Easy to Find the Best Cell Phone for Seniors

Modern senior citizens are more tech savvy than any generation before them. However, that doesn’t change the fact that electronic devices can be inconvenient for them to use. That is especially true of cell phones, which often act as safety nets for the elderly. Fortunately, experts have developed products like the Snapfon, which is a mobile phone that is specifically designed around the needs of older users.

Quality Senior Phones Are User Friendly

When creating the best cell phone for seniors designers build in a range of options that make devices convenient. For example, phones have huge buttons and colorful, easy-to-read displays. They provide enhanced volume and speaker functions. Each device includes several alarm modes and speed dial keys. They are also loaded with features like Bluetooth as well as a camera and LED flashlight.

Phone Plans Are Budget Friendly

Senior-friendly phones are also designed to fit into any budget. Customers can order a phone and arrange activation for as little as $29.99. They are also offered a range of monthly plans. Those who simply want emergency phone service may opt for a $9.95 no-contract plan that provides 60 minutes of service. Clients who use their phones more can upgrade in increments, with a 4400 minute plan costing around $35. There are no roaming or long-distance charges. Customers are charged one minute of talk time for each 3 texts they send or receive.

Emergency Features Offer Extra Security

In addition to providing the usual access to 911, senior phones include emergency call buttons. They are big red buttons located in easy to see places like phone backs. Buttons are designed to work with emergency services that cost around $15 per month. For that amount seniors get instant access to emergency operators who will send help. In addition, customers can fill out profiles that give operators important data like lists of medications, doctors’ phone numbers and special needs. That allows operators to supply first responders with critical information.

It is becoming common for senior citizens to choose cell phones that are specially designed around their unique needs. The devices include ease-of-use features as well as emergency call buttons. They are also affordable to buy, activate and use.

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